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Emergency alcohol powered stove.

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Alcohol stove in action
How to run the stove

                  Alcohol powered stove.

The small alcohol stove idea came to my head straight after devastating Christchurch earthquake, everyone was left without power, and some people with no chance even to boil a bit of water.
 But as long as I was involved in alcohol stills production and had relatively big amounts of alcohol heads, I came to a conclusion that the alcohol powered stove is must have thing for any home brewer. Anyway as soon as I had a chance I've decided to fulfil my idea in form of a metal prototype, a couple of attempts later, with different burner arrangements I started to get a good results, then just choose the most successful burner and built the rest of the stove around it.
Later it appeared that this kind of burner is also good thing for outdoor activities, camping and fishing trips.  

alcohol stove

The stove construction manual cost $2.00

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