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250W electric scooter

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electric scooter  I'll share some information about electric scooter on this page. The main idea of this scooter was to build it as cheaply as possible and employ parts and materials that can be obtained for the cost of asking or a little expense. Thus front wheel, front fork, rear seat, and back part of the frame come from an old but very solid build kid's bike and cost only $5.00 from the recycler ( wheels are 8-inch diameter).
electric motor controller  The controller (Dynamic Controls 110A Rhino controller) came from a mobility scooter and was donated by a mobility scooter repair company for the cost of asking,
scooter frame   the rear wheel and the 250w motor (permanent magnet "Unite Motors") are the only genuine scooter parts: they were bought from a local internet auction for next to nothing, as are second-hand ones. all wiring, voltmeter, switches, and fuses are brand new and obtained from a local electronic shop.
led batteries  The first battery pack was built from the ex-security system's discarded batteries. They were sealed lead acid batteries donated by a local security company,
scooter frame with battery compartment  the complete frame was designed to accommodate as many of those lead batteries as possible, nikel hydride battery in the frame and made of a 1/2-inch square iron tube. It is 700mm long,

 250mm wide and 120mm deep scooter's frame  here is the picture that shows the frame layout layout of frame the perimeter of the scooter is welded and spray painted, then sheets of 1.2mm thick stainless steel are riveted to the frame to create a body-like structure.
  •  There are no lead batteries in this scooter anymore; instead of heavy lead bricks, there are light NI-MH batteries.
    battery pack  The battery pack consists of 288 nickel metal hydride cells ni-mh battery that were used for mobile security radios assembly of the battery pack, the system voltage is 24 volts. In reality, the nickel metal hydride pack is three times lighter, smaller than the led acid battery pack, and two times more efficient.

     controls dashboard The control panel includes a 30V voltmeter, speed limit switch, main power switch, and parking brake switch (there is no need for this switch. It is just doubling the main power switch; in reality, this number of controls is more like a coded lock. One needs to know the correct combination to make this scooter go.)


    This 250W scooter is comfortable enough with a 90kg rider and can reach a speed of up to 30 km/h on flat terrain. This scooter is a perfect test bed for different battery chemistries and configurations.
    250W electric scooter

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