Spirit distillation, 25L fractional still.
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50L fractional distiller

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The 50L fractional (reflux) still "Alex 50" is scaled up version of a small 25L "Alex 25" distiller, though both stills are sharing the same construction principals they are different by size and power consumption and as a result the amount of alcohol produced is different. The 50L still consist of the 50 litre boiler that can be equipped with one 3kw heating element or two 1.5kw heating elements( now 4 x 800w high temperature tolerant stainless elements). The pot can be heat insulated to preserve all the energy that applied to the still, the boiler also equipped with the waste release valve, column mounting neck, and separate loading neck.

50L boiler for alcohol still

While both 25L and 50L alcohol stills are sharing the similar construction, the heat exchangers of fractional and stripping columns' of the 50L still are constructed differently from the 25L heat exchangers, - to be capable of cooling down the increased flow of the distilled ethanol.


alcohol stripping column

The columns of the 50L alcohol distiller are higher and have a greater diameter to handle increased internal vapor and liquid flow.

 reflux column

The "Alex 50" 50L fractional alcohol distiller is capable of producing 3L of purified alcohol (ethanol) per hour, and if exploited along with a small continuous distillation unit it can produce enough in one go to make up to 40L 0f 40% vodka or other alcohol based drinks per run. Same as "Alex 25" 25L fractional alcohol still the 50L still can produce 96% alcohol (ethanol), that can be used either as fuel or as a base for alcoholic drinks production.

 The "Alex 50" still also can be equipped with a bigger capacity infusion chamber (sold separately)infuser and stripping alcohol column

 for herbs infused alcoholic drinks production - gin for example.

autor and fractional alcohol still still

50L fractional still and stripping column 50L boilerl and fractional, reflux column  50L boiler and fractional, stripping and infusion columns stripping and infusion columns on boiler  


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