Spirit distillation, 25L fractional still.
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Alex 25L fractional distiller upgraded

"Alex 25" Still

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 "Alex 25" still construction plans, parts and stills.

"Alex 25" construction plans download:

Throw your old still away!
"Alex 25" still for Gin distillation 1
"Alex 25" still for Gin distillation 2

Now every manual about fractional stills also contains the detailed information about 

Stainless steel ethanol conducting line construction!!!

"Alex 25" and "Alex30" FRACTIONAL STILLS – now upgraded.


First of all - why are these distillers called "Alex"? The answer is: the name will help distinguish these kinds of stills from other types. The "Alex" stands for Alcohol extractor, where 25, 30, or 50 is the capacity of the still's boiler.
Second - the distiller was equipped with vinyl tubing and a polyethylene ball valve. While these materials are considered entirely safe and widely used for water and food handling, spirit bottle stoppers, and even human artificial joint replacement, we decided to move forward and replace all the plastic parts with stainless steel tubes and ball valves.

Fractional column installedStainless ball valve installedstripping column installed

All stills of this kind intended for food-grade alcohol production will be equipped with stainless steel parts. The only plastic parts remaining on the still are the ones that are used for the cooling water supply and one tiny tube that is used to show the ethanol level in the dephlegmator. This small tube just gets filled up once during distillation. Technically there is no ethanol flow through this tube, so there is no ethanol quality affection.

infusion chamber and boilerinfusion chamberInfusion chamber and columns

Third, we came up with one extra part that can be fitted to any "Alex 25" or "Alex30" distiller that was ever sold. This part is optional and will be sold separately or with the distiller for some extra cost. The piece is the herbal infusion chamber that makes it possible to make herbal-infused spirits, such as Gin. In controversy to classic Gin production straight out of raw mash while trying to determine the "heads" and "tails" and wasting the precious herbal goodness that escapes with an unusable head fraction - we do it the safest and most economical way. So to achieve the best result, we first use our stripping column and extract the raw spirit from the mash. stripping column and infusion chamberThen we run the fractional distillation with a fractional column, separating all the impurities from the stripped alcohol. Then collect the purified, free-of-impurities ethanol, and here is the trick: the pure alcohol has no impurities, tails, or heads to worry about. Thus the pure alcohol is added to the boiler and mixed with fresh water, and then the infusion chamber is installed and loaded with a botanic mix. The stripping column is mounted on the infusion chamber, and distillation runs straight from the beginning to the end of the infused spirit extraction. And there are no tails or heads to waste the herbals in, plus there is no hangover the following day. Moreover, the results are 100% professional, with no terrible homebrew smell or taste.


"Alex 30" fractional still.

30L still 30L still

Just recently, we started the fabrication of 30L fractional distillers. These stills are a bit different from the previous "Alex 25" model; the apparatus has a bigger 30l capacity boiler and a new kind of re-designed fractional and stripping columns.
The difference between the new columns and the ones from the old design is that the new distillation columns require less water for better cooling. Thus the new system consumes less water for cooling. Now the fractional column is a bit higher, with the smaller diameter of the dephlegmator - resulting in the better cooling ability of the column. The unit is lighter now and has a better water economy - while production ability remains the same as with an old bulky dephlegmator.
The stripping column of the fractional still has a new design as well - the cooler's outer diameter is smaller while cooling the surface area inside the heat exchanger is increasing—as a result, lighter and more efficient stripping columns with reduced water consumption.
Another positive aspect: the still is lighter, so the shipping is cheaper.

manualsFree shipment!
25L fractional distiller construction manual plans on DVD will guide you through

 constructing your own fractional distiller.

Buy 25L still plans today for

US $26.00

The 25L and 30l stills are available now for international customers. Stills are built to your order and delivered by air post in 10 business days, 

 The fractional still can also be used and ordered as a water purifier and essential oils extractor. The distiller can be used for a small scale fuel ethanol production

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