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15L fractional distiller

This page describes some technical aspects of the "Alex 15" 15L fractional still.

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The 15L fractional still.
The unit is the smallest in the range of our fractional stills.
While this still is the smallest one, it still has the full functionality of a
fractional still. 15L distiller includes a 15-liter stainless steel boiler with a waste release valve. A fractional column with a packed reflux cartridge slides into the primary column and turns it into the fractional: the outer distillation column is empty inside. It acts as a stripping column, producing stripped alcohol at 3L per hour. In fractional distillation, the removable cartridge should be inserted into the primary column - converting it into a fractional column with valve reflux ratio control.

reflux alcohol columnssmall reflux still 

15L fractional still has 100% stainless steel construction, and there is no ethanol and plastic contact. The plastic tubes are for the cooling water supply only. The sliding column is made of stainless steel and packed with stainless steel coils. Note that the latest models do not have a sliding cartridge but are filled with removable packing instead.


alcohol still boiler 


15L fractional still is designed for exploitation with an electric stove or gas burner so that anyone can enjoy this distiller regardless of location and kind of power supply - use your electric cooker. The still is compact and mobile and can fit into a medium-sized bag. The 15L fractional distiller is ideal for hobby alcohol distilling.
The new model N15 still resembles a bigger N25 unit and is also equipped with an electric heater.
The "Alex 15" 15L still makes 600mL - 1000mL of pure 95% alcohol per hour. The 15L still produces alcohol on a small scale that can be used as fuel, medicinal, or as a base for alcoholic drinks production. The "Alex 15" fractional still can be equipped with an infusion chamber (sold separately) for herbs-infused alcoholic drinks production - gin, for example.

ethanol still 15L alcohol still new model

N15, new model

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