Spirit distillation, still's cooling system.

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 Water Cooler/Supplier

This page describes some technical aspects of the radiator based water cooler.

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The water cooler for home brew distillation construction plans is included to one of still construction plans:

Stills & Plans

Download the "Water Cooler" construction plans:

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Portable water cooler

 The portable water cooler/supplier for homebrew distillation is made out of junk parts from the local junkyard for a few bucks.

The cooler was built with a straightforward thought - to make it possible to run an alcohol distillation without dependence on the main water supply. And also when the water consumption is limited. Thus this cooler can operate with just 6L of water enough to carry on many distillations in the row. The cooler makes it possible to save precious water. For example, to make one wash load for 25L alcohol still will take 14L of water. But to run a complete distillation will take over 200L of cooling water. If this water comes from a tap and goes from still directly to the drain, it is more than wasteful.

cooler   cooler

So this cooling device is doing its job, and detailed information with step-by-step construction process was included in the "cooler construction manual".


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