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Fuel ethanol still.

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3KW fuel ethanol still

4.5kw final version of fuel still.
Latest version of fuel still.
Trick with fuel ethanol still.
Fuel ethanol still: fuel testing.


   "Continuous fuel ethanol still"

The fuel ethanol still is a continuous distiller that capable produce continuously 90 - 95% industrial grade ethanol suitable for fuel use. The 3KW fuel ethanol still is small machine that produces 1.5L of fuel ethanol per hour, the machine can work automatically and can be attached to any size fermenting vessel or low spirit percentage source to produce high percentage fuel ethanol continuously. This still is an old version that no longer available for sale but described in fuel ethanol still construction manual. The still was tested with 1.5KW heating element and 3kw heating element the production speed was increased twice with 3kw element application up to 2.5L per hour @95%, the still shows very stable work with 3KW element, also planning to try 4KW heating element.

4.5kw fuel ethanol still
The 4.5kw fuel ethanol still was improved and currently a final version of continuous fuel ethanol distiller, this still is capable to produce continuously 2 - 3L of fuel ethanol per hour with alcohol strength of 95%.
the amount of ethanol that can be produced by this unit can be limited only by the amount of feed stock supply, this
 means that this still can work 24/7 continuously producing fuel ethanol for your own needs, especially if you get an access to a low cost raw materials such us molasses and different kind of sugars or by-products of sugar production.
Unlike micro fueller that widely advertised and expensive plus uses some kind of expensive molecular membrane, and obviously can not be build by a simple bloke that needs to save money and not to spent them on expensive thing, the fuel ethanol still can be build by a hobbyist that familiar with a tig welding and who can get an access to a local scrap metal yard and plumbing suppliers, and even buying a small tig welding machine to build the still will be many thousands dollars cheaper than to buy the fueller.
The older version of the still on photo and video on this page was built out of off cuts and stainless scrap of my business, I just wanted to see myself if I could do it without spending any extra money.
The plans and more detailed information regarding to this still construction also available on the DATA DVDor can be downloaded here: and contains a lot of pictures of still constructed in a simple garage environment with implementation of simple tools and methods, Plus the construction manual is includes a detailed video of still handling and exploitation.

This still is really versatile, the detachable fractional column of the fuel still can be combined with the packed extension and used separately with a batch boiler for fractional distillation of food grade ethanol, the main stripping column of this still in reality is a high speed continuous stripping still that can work independently from the rest of the fuel still construction and can be used for continuous production of the raw spirit for further fractional distillation and purification with fractional still  and food grade ethanol production.
Some experimental stills also built and tested:

To download "the fuel ethanol still" construction manual, click the link below:

"Buy Ethanol still construction plans Now"

fuel ethanol still
  Fuel ethanol still.
new continuous still

An example of the fuel still setup.
Fuel still handling: part 1.
Fuel still handling: part 2.
Fuel still handling: part3.

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