25L fractional still components, column and dephlegmator.

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The still construction plans - Stills & Plans

Components and stills -

On this page, you'll find some prebuilt components for different stills. And I will consider taking orders for prebuilt parts for stills of various sizes. Contact me today via the contact page to find out about still components orders.
You can also order the "Alex 25" fractional still kit - where all components are supplied in the state of pre-cut tubes and plates. And sheets of metal that are already cut to size, and all you need to do is weld them together; the kit will also include the free copy of the "Fractional still construction manual" DATA DVD.


The dephlegmator for 25L fractional still - the top part of fractional column, also the main part of fractional column that makes the simple reflux column a fractional one, also this part of fractional column (dephlegmator) will make it possible to precisely adjust the reflux ratio and separate all impurities from each other. All detailed information about 25L fractional still can be found on 25L Fractional distiller construction manual plans DATA DVD

 Heatt exchanger for 25L still   Heatt exchanger for 25L still   Heatt exchanger for 25L still

Heat exchanger for the 25L fractional still.

Dephlegmator and heat exchanger     fractional column

Readily assembled dephlegmator and heat exchanger, complete fractional column.
infusion chamber and stripping column  Infusion chamber  stripping column

Stripping column and infusion chamber together and separate.
Go to the contact  page and contact me for details.

The still construction plans, components and stills are now sold through our filial website:
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25L fractional still.
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