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Rowan berry vodka Rowan berries vodka
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The Rowan berry vodka recipe

This page will describe different methods of vodka and alcoholic beverages production on a small scale.

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The Rowanberry vodka.

The following recipe is one of my favorites, and this is a fascinating alcoholic drink that would not be available in any liquor store.

The recipe is based on wild berries and, in particular, on the rowanberries. The rowan berry is a rich vitamin C source and flavor for bitterly sweet vodka.

For this recipe, you will need around 3L of odorless rectified alcohol at 40% alc/vol made with the help of a fractional distiller (not a pot still - too harsh) and 300g of Rowan berries.

First of all, you have to find the tree with berries, and please note that berries are good for picking from the middle of Autumn. Locate the tree that far from traffic and industrial places.


Rowan tree  Rowan berries

Just pick up some berries and make sure that there left enough for birds.


Then bring your berries home and separate all the leafs and branches from berries. Measure approximately 300g of berries wash in freshwater. 

Washed berries

Collect all berries to a plastic back, put them in the freezer, and leave them overnight. This procedure will make the berries skin soft and cracked to accelerate the soaking process.

Now take a 3L glass jar and put berries in it.

Berries in a jar.

The next and most crucial step is to fill the rest of the jar's space with a high quality fractioned 40% alcohol.

spirit and berries in the jar

When the jar is filling with alcohol - apply the lid and leave the drink at room temperature for at least three weeks.
In three weeks, the Rowanberry vodka will gain color and taste. As you can see in this picture, the jar is not whole anymore, be careful. This kind of drink tends to disappear very fast. In my particular case, the 2.5L of beverage had gone in just 6 hours before I had managed to take some pictures of the final product. In your case, you can leave the alcohol and berries together till all vodka is gone and refill your favorite bottle before the party. This vodka is best at the temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, straight from a shot glass.

Rowan vodka



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